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Press Page Tips
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your press page.
  1. Keep a separate section of your website available to journalists. Do not require them to sign in, register, or contact your company to get additional information.
  2. Provide a direct link from your homepage to the press page.
  3. Provide complete contact information including name, telephone number, address, and a linked email address.
  4. Provide company facts, including information about current and upcoming products and services.
  5. Provide links to news articles about your company. Do not post the articles on your site. Linking to the actual publication gives more credibility.
  6. Provide past press releases, annual reports, and key individuals bios.
  7. Avoid overly graphical pages and instead keep it simple with text.
  8. Make it easy to print anything off your site.
  9. Consider international users when displaying currency and dates. Write out the amounts and specific dates as much as possible.
  10. Make sure that your company has a presence in search engines and an easy-to-guess URL. Both of these factors make it easy for journalists to find you online.

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